Tony Stewart's Crime Books  

Tony Stewart's gangster pics
9-11 gangster convention
Rick Porello's comprehensive organized crime site.
Biggest Directory of Mugshots on the Internet
Familiar faces.
Billy "The Killer" Miller
Website on Pretty Boy Floyd's early crime partner, by Floyd biographer Jeff King.
Blanche Barrow: Photos of her life with Bonnie and Clyde
Official family website about Blanche Barrow
Blanche's Boutique by Debborah Reeves
Blanche - Member of the Bonnie & Clyde Gang
Bonnie & Clyde's Hideout
Bonnie & Clyde's Joplin Hideout
Bonnie & Clyde's Joplin Hideout is available for guest rentals.
Bonnie Parker On Stage
Dixie Lee Sedgewick's one-woman show as the Depression era bandit queen.
Booze, Banks, and Bullets
A brief account of some of the border crimes of 1920-22.
Bugs Moran
Rose Keefe's new website on Capone's unkillable rival.
Top Best seller gangster books. Check it out!
Check out the John Dillinger website
Chicago Crime Commission
Chicago Historical Society
Chicago Northside Gangster florist
DILLINGER, - NEW BOOK by Dary Matera
Joe Pinkston's book is here - Available April 2004
DILLINGER, THE HIDDEN TRUTH: RE-LOADED, is a revised updated edition with new documentation and nearly 200 photographs, several unpublished. The Great Depression brought about the birth of Public Enemies, adding an element of corruption and lawlessness on both sides of the law. The fine line between the good and the bad guys was narrow, if not indistinguishable. Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson, Bonnie & Clyde, Capone and several others are included in this rip-roaring account. Including early years of criminals that lead them into a life of crime. Inside look at Dillinger's Crown Point escape, and the truth behind the wooden gun. Dillinger escaped several Police and FBI traps, broke out of two jails, raided three police stations, masterminded the largest escape from Indiana State Penitentiary, and became the first "Public Enemy Number One" on the FBI's most wanted list. Includes a Tribute the Joe Pinkston and the ONLY interview ever from Dillinger's wife Beryl Hovious.
Dillinger Day at the Biograph
The annual observance by the John Dillinger Died For You Society of the Night FBI Bullets Set John Dillinger Free! (Sunday evening, July 22, 2007)
Ellen Poulsen's Books!
Friends of the James Farm
America's classic outlaw! Dillinger and the other '30's bandits grew up worshipping Jesse.
This group is intended for the use of writers, historians, and collectors interested in the topic of true crime and their reciprocal exchange of information. Welcome topics include Alcatraz, Depression era crime, FBI Ten Most Wanted, Organized crime, and Prohibition era crime.
Nice site on early NYC mobsters.
Golden Age of Gangsters
2004 convention for gangster authors, historians, collectors, etc.
Graves of Gangsters and Bad Guys
Ever growing list of where our favorite bad guys are planted.
In Search of Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie & Clyde sites in Dallas.
John Dillinger Crime Museum
The Dillinger Chronological
John Dillinger Died For You Society
Come to the Biograph each July 22 and observe Dillinger Day!
John Dillinger Museum
New Dillinger Museum at the Lake County Convention Center, unfortunately lacking the grace of the old Nashville Museum and the expertise of the late great Joe Pinkston, a wonderful gentleman and true Dillinger scholar.
Johnnie Dillinger
johnnie_dillinger - myspace page
Johnnie Dillinger Site
Kill the Dutchman!
Internet version of Paul Sann's classic biography of Dutch Schultz. From the Sann estate. Great work by one of America's classic crime historians!
Kraft State Bank Robbery
Violent Menomonie, Wisconsin bank robbery by Holden-Keating gang.
Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
National tribute to all American law officers who have died in the line of duty.
Longtime Coming: Pretty Boy Floyd
Another great Pretty Boy Floyd site.
Founder & Expert Mario Gomes
Mad Dog Updates
What the Dog's been up to of late.
Mobwear Clothing
Gangster & tommy gun t-shirts, etc.
NEW BOOK! Dillinger, The Hidden Truth
Dillinger, The Hidden Truth is now available. The book contains 515 pages, and 57 photographs (Many of which are rare and unpublished). The book goes after the truth about John Dillinger, Bonnie & Clyde, Pretty Boy Floyd, the Barker/Karpis gang and many others of the era. It's time to hear both sides of the story.
National Association of Outlaw and Lawman History
Need a screenwriter or a script?
Scripts available, writing services available
Oklahoma Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
Memorial to all Oklahoma law officers slain the line of duty.
Online journal of the Oklahombres organization, preserving history of Oklahoma outlaws & lawmen from the "Old West" days through the "gangster era" of the 1930's. Q&A bulletin board now up and running.
On the Spot Journal
Scholarly yet entertaining quarterly mail-order journal on crime and law enforcement in the 1920s and '30s. Featuring articles by some of North America's leading crime historians.
Patterson Smith
America's number one source for out of print crime books and literature.
Ricchetti-Sustik Family History
Family background on Adam Ricchetti by Fred Sustik. With much on Pretty Boy Floyd.
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Script Consulting & Analysis
For you screenwriters out there
St. Paul Gangster Tour
Tour the St. Paul gangster sites.
In all my years as a crime writer, there has only been one murder story that I've never been able to completely clear from my mind. Told for the first time, the author, who is also a survivor tells this account of tremendous suffering and great loss of life is more horrific than words can possibly describe. With a genius level intelligence quotient (I.Q.) of 180, Patrick Wayne Kearney outsmarted police and the criminal judicial system to become one of the deadliest serial killers ever to escape the death penalty.Serial killer Patrick Wayne Kearney succeeded in destroying thousands of innocent lives during his inhuman bloody rampage that made satanic cult leader Charley Manson look benign in comparison.Forgotten and buried within the subterranean of police files, the Trash bag murders remain the most gruesome criminal case in American history.
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The Fedora Chronicles
An Ominbus Site for those capturing the style and spirit of the 1930's and 1940's.
The Legend of Charlie Birger
Documentary on southern Illinois' favorite gangster from the Carbondale PBS station.
The McQuillan Saga
Fascinating family history set amidst the St. Louis underworld in the '20's & '30's.
The Shelton Gang
The Unofficial Tommy Gun Page
Thompson Collectors News
Tracie Hill's informative newsletter for tommy gun collectors.
Tommy Gun's Garage
Fine food & drink, '20's gangster motif & musical comedy revue. Garage converted to nightclub accentuates the '20's atmosphere.
Untouchable Tours
Chicago's original bus tour of local gangster sites!
Verne Miller and the Kansas City Massacre
70th anniversary radio program of Union Station massacre, with commentary from Brad Smith, Alston Purvis, Doris Lockerman, Paul Maccabee and others.

X Marks the Spot!
Internet version of the classic contemporary photo history of Capone and the Chicago gang wars. Anonymously written by Hal Andrews and published in Chicago, though heavily suppressed there by both Capone and the city, by Spot Publishing in 1930